Resorts in Panglao Island

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Panglao Island Facts

To avoid confusion, one must know that there are two (2) municipalities/towns in Panglao Island namely Dauis and Panglao.

The following beaches are located in Panglao, Panglao Island: Alona, Doljo and Bolod. Alona Beach is located in Brgy. Tawala. Doljo Beach is in Brgy. Doljo and Bolod Beach is located in Brgy. Bolod.

The municipality of Dauis, Panglao Island has beaches in barangays Bingag, Dao, Biking and Totolan.



Bohol Beach Club (Bolod Beach)
Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa (Bingag, Dauis)


Alona Palm Beach Resort (Alona Beach)
Amorita Resort (Alona Beach)


Alona Kew White Beach Resort (Alona Beach)
Ananyana Resort and Spa (Doljo Beach)
Balicasag Island Dive Resort (Balicasag Island, Panglao)
Bohol Divers’ Resort (Alona Beach)
Bohol Plaza Resort & Restaurant (Dayo Hill, Mayacabac, Dauis)
Dumaluan Beach Resort (Bolod Beach)
Olman’s View Resort (Bingag, Dauis)

UNCLASSIFIED RESORTS (by the Dept. of Tourism)

Alona Dream (Alona Beach)
Alona Land (Alona Beach)
Alona Tropical Beach Resort (Alona Beach)
Alona Ville Resort (Alona Beach)
Amarela Resort (Dao, Dauis)
Aquatica Beach Resort (Alona Beach)
Banana Land (Tawala, Panglao)
Beach Rock Cafe (Dao, Dauis)
Blue Sky Sea Resort (Bolod, Panglao)
Bohol Bee Farm (Dao, Dauis)
Bohol Sea Breeze Resort (Dao, Panglao)
Bohol Sea Resort (Danao, Panglao)
Casanova Garden (Alona Beach)
Eskaya Resort (Tawala, Panglao)
Flower Garden Resort (Tawala, Panglao)
Flushing Meadows Resort and Playground (Dao, Dauis)
Isis Bungalows (Alona Beach)
Kalipayan Beach Resort (Danao, Panglao)
Lost Horizon Resort (Alona Beach)
Mond See Resort (Alona Beach)
Muro-Ami Seaside (Doljo Beach)
Oasis Resort (Alona Beach)
Palm Island Resort (Doljo Beach)
Paragayo Resort (Alona Beach)
Playa Blanca (Alona Beach)
Samira’s Pyramid (Tawala, Panglao)
Sun Apartelle (Tawala, Panglao)
TGH Casa-Nova Garden (Alona Beach)
Tierra Azul Alona Beach House (Alona Beach)

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